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With no other fees, our fee comes from each transaction. We only get paid if you sell!


We provide the features you need to expand your business locally. Increase your overall brand awareness without spending money on marketing.


PayPal handles all transactions from start-to-finish, ensuring your money and financial data are safe.

We want you to succeed!

  • No monthly fees
  • No listing fees
  • No sign-up fees
  • Up-front fund collection, automatic payments


  • Quick and easy shop setup
  • We spend money on marketing so you don’t have to
  • Our mobile friendly site lets you manage your shop from anywhere
  • Verified customer reviews build trust in your shop
  • Location based searching ensures your local customers find you
  • Easy-to-use custom request management
  • Private messaging between you and your customers is encouraged
  • We employ cutting edge web security
  • Easy integration between PayPal and Quickbooks, find out more here
  • We are flexible so you don’t need to change the way you do business


By partnering with PayPal, the number one online payment processor, we take advantage of their security and processes.

  • Easy, guided process for onboarding into our marketplace
  • Customers can checkout using either their PayPal account or a major credit card
  • We never touch your or your customers’ financial details, ensuring compliance with latest online payment security standards
  • Transactions are handled completely by PayPal which keeps the funds within one payment processor and the costs low
  • You have control over your transactions
  • Up-front fund collection prevents last minute cancellations


Art & Crafts

Good with your hands? We can help you sell the fruits of your labour, whether they are quilts, mugs, portraits or any other kind of art or craft product.

Baby & Kids

When kitting out your kids, it’s the ultimate expression of oneself! Your handmade clothes and accessories will certainly help separating those expressions from usual store bought items. We’d love to help you sell yours!

Health & Beauty

Made from the finest, natural ingredients, these products will, literally, transform their users without the worry of animal testing or harsh chemicals. We can help you sell your products online.

Pet Accessories

Love your pets? Us too! Especially these days, pet lovers only want the best for the furry, family members. We can help you sell your accessories.

Jewelry & Accessories

Accessories can take one outfit and turn it into many more! Sell your game changing jewelry and accessories here!

Home Decor

The right element can change the dynamic of an entire room! It can be a subtle accent or bold conversation starter. We can help you sell your creations.

Specialty Foods

Are you a maven in the kitchen? Whether you are an in-home chef, a creator of meals or you make other food items, you can showcase your products and services to hungry customers.

Baked Goods

As a creative genius with a penchant for baking, you’ll have the ability to sell standard items or custom orders.


How much does it cost to sell on Kreative Lane?

Kreative Lane is transparent in all the fees you will incur. We charge 7.5% of the subtotal of each transaction plus $0.45. PayPal charges 2.9% on the entire transaction (including shipping and tax) plus $0.30. Both of these fees are paid by the vendor. We may provide you with optional opportunities that might come with an additional fee, but you are not obligated to commit to anything that will cost you more money.

How do I get paid?

Our payment processor, PayPal, handles the transfer of funds from customer to vendor entirely. We collect the funds from the customer up-front which provides security to you from last-minute cancellations outside of your shop policies. We hold these funds, care of PayPal, until you complete the transaction, thus protecting the customer. Funds will be transferred into your PayPal account upon completion of the order or after 28 days have elapsed.

How do I setup a shop on Kreative Lane?

To buy and/or sell on Kreative Lane, you must create a user account. Once this is done, you need to create a shop profile and add a photo(s). From there, you will need to add your shop listings. Having completed your shop and its’ catalogue, you’ll then link a PayPal account to our marketplace. Although this is all you need to do in order to sell, there is an optional step where you can link an Instagram account which customers can view to see your portfolio.

What happens if I have a dispute with a customer?

You and the customer must make a thorough, good faith attempt to resolve your dispute. Should your dispute be one that cannot be resolved in such a way described above and qualifies for our intervention, Kreative Lane’s team can assess and resolve the dispute with binding effect.

What can I sell on Kreative Lane?

The broad categories of products and services that can be sold on Kreative Lane are: Art & Crafts, Baby and Kids, Health & Beauty, Pet Accessories, Jewelry & Accessories, Home Decor, Specialty Foods and Baked Goods. The spirit of our marketplace is to focus on local, handcrafted products and services. Products and services that fall within those categories and abide by the spirit of our marketplace can be sold on Kreative Lane.

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